DIY Noise Control

Noise/vibration nuisance is everybody’s problem. Large companies have legal and corporate responsibilities to control noise/vibration as an environmental or an occupational hazard. Individuals also have responsibilities to prevent noise nuisance to neighbours under By-laws or as good citizens. Awareness is well established, and most corporations and individuals are trying to comply with their responsibilities. The question is how good are their efforts? Our experience is that there is a lot of confusion and misconception, thus lot of effort and expense results in poor outcomes.


ATP Consulting Engineers provides training and support in the following areas:

  • Responsibilities of individuals for noise/vibration control under Nuisance By-Laws and under Body-corporate By-Laws;
  • Common errors in apartment refurbishments that lead straight to court;
  • 'Do's and Dont's' of DIY noise/vibration control;
  • General 'rules of thumb' that work because they are based on professional experience and testing; and
  • Overview of each individual case and hands-on training as part of refurbishment.

Training can be provided in our Southport office or at your home, office, at your backyard or next to your noisy swimming pool pump or air-conditioner.


All engineers and technicians at ATP Consulting Engineers have valid Construction Induction cards (White Card) and the required PPE.