Environmental Officer Training

We have worked with Environmental Officers from the Local Authorities in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory as well as with the Environmental Officers and Advisors from some of the largest construction companies in the country. Some of the common issues raised have been how to select appropriate noise and vibration monitoring equipment, what the relevant parameters are, and how to interpret the results.


ATP Consulting Engineers provides training and support in the following areas:

  • Environmental legislation in Qld, NSW, WA and NT of relevance to noise and vibration impact assessment;
  • Australian and international standards that govern best practice in noise and vibration monitoring and control;
  • Hands-on training in use of the relevant instruments; and
  • Data analysis and reporting.

Training can be provided in our Southport office or at your office, site office or at the construction site.


All engineers and technicians at ATP Consulting Engineers have valid Construction Induction cards (White Card) and the required PPE.