Expert Witness (Planning & Environment Court)

Loss of amenity (a common expression that often includes noise, vibration and lighting nuisance) is often raised as a reason for refusal of developments. Behind the ‘loss of amenity’ often there are other underlying and more practical issues such as perceived loss of property value, or simple inconvenience from increased urban, commercial or industrial developments. Therefore, it is very important that the expert witness addressing these issues, have full understanding of the project background, the background and position held by all stakeholders in the court case and the reason for the court case in addition to full understanding of the technical and legal aspects of the case.


ATP Consulting Engineers have experience as an expert witness in the Planning and Environment Court in Queensland and in Western Australia including noise (aircraft, transport, quarry, dog barking and noise from educational facilities) and lighting issues.


ATP Consulting Engineers provides the following expert witness services:

  • Review of the case from a technical and legal (town planning) position;
  • Consideration of the project background, the background and position held by all stakeholders, and the reason for the court case;
  • Support in the preparation of court submissions and attendance to expert conclaves and tribunals;
  • Additional acoustic/lighting investigations and preparation of technical reports; and
  • Negotiation of settlements before court proceeding; and
  • Taking a stand in a court proceeding.