Liquor License Applications

Complaint to noise emissions from amplified entertainment and patrons is an age old problem for owners and operators of licensed premises. Therefore good design and consideration of the acoustic constraints associated with amplified entertainment are very important consideration at the conception of the café, restaurant, tavern, function centre or a night club. Acoustic Report, prepared as per the ‘Guidelines when assessing noise associated with entertainment and patrons at premises licensed under the Liquor Act 1992’, has to accompany the liquor license application.  If the Liqour License application is logged without an Acoustic Report, amplified entertainment (even background music) may be prohibited affecting the viability of the business.


ATP Consulting Engineers provides the following services in support of Liquor License Application:

  • Site specific acoustic investigations to determine existing noise amenity near proposed licensed premises;
  • Review of premises design, including layout, dance floors, speaker locations, windows/stacker doors;
  • Measurement of amplified entertainment noise emissions at real-time as per typical operation (day, evening & night-time);
  • Design of noise control measures, including noise locks, limiters at source, and acoustic insulation of premises; and
  • Provision of well-structured acoustic reports in a format expected by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, with unambiguous conclusions and recommendations for noise control.