Mechanical Noise Control

Control of mechanical noise emissions from heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, and electrical distribution systems as well as lift shafts and other building services have to be considered at the early design stage of the project. Failure to properly address the potential airborne/structure-borne noise and vibration at building design stage can result in nuisance for residents/occupiers and very costly retrofits and modifications. Mechanical noise control has to be considered early at the design of residential, commercial, industrial, health & education, entertainment and recreational buildings and facilities.


ATP Consulting Engineers provides the following mechanical noise control services:

  • Design of sound insulation for HVAC, plumbing, electrical distribution, lift shafts and other building services;
  • Airborne/structure-borne measurements and data analysis to determine sound power level and sound characteristics (tonality, modality, impulsiveness);
  • Design of silencers and attenuators for HVAC and exhaust/discharge systems;
  • Design of acoustic enclosures and vibration isolation systems for roof mounted/ground based HVAC systems;
  • Investigation of point discharge noise emission characteristics on sewerage systems (dry/wet well ventilation);
  • Water/sewerage pump stations acoustic enclosures and ventilation acoustic attenuators;
  • Structure-borne/vibration investigation for garage roller doors, and design of control solutions; and
  • Investigation of any annoying buzzes, clicks, drips, thumps and shaking in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.