Noise & Vibration Control Training

If recognised early, noise and vibration constraints can be readily controlled before they cause nuisance or even physical damage to sensitive receivers. Our experience shows that maintenance of good relationship with stakeholders is as important as recognising the potential for noise/vibration impacts. It is crucial to establish appropriate control measures before a community concern is raised. Reduction of the noise/vibration to a level which may be noticeable, but acceptable for a short duration, is far more effective that complaint response. If negative attitude is developed towards the project, far more costly control measures will be required without resolving the perception of a 'problem'.


ATP Consulting Engineers provides training and support in the following areas:

  • Principles of noise/vibration control at source, along transmission path and at the receiver;
  • How to select the appropriate noise/vibration control measure;
  • Communication and relationship with project stakeholders;
  • Common pitfalls and costly mistakes; and
  • Project review and hands-on training as part of construction/industrial site establishment.

Training can be provided in our Southport office or at your office, site office or at the construction site.


All engineers and technicians at ATP Consulting Engineers have valid Construction Induction cards (White Card) and the required PPE.