Vibration Loggers

ATP Consulting Engineers maintains large number of in-house vibration loggers with three-axial geophones. These instruments are used on projects carried out by our engineers or are available for hire to consultants; construction contractors; Local Authorities or individuals.


Calibration Certificates by NATA accredited laboratory are provided with each of our vibration loggers and they are maintained under calibration at all time. Technical manual accompanies each of our vibration loggers and full support is available over the phone or via e-mail.  Data download and analysis service is also available.


Our vibration loggers are delivered in a weather proof case with a security chain and padlock.  These instruments are operated by three D size batteries.


We can delivery anywhere in Australia.


Vibration Loggers for Hire

Hire Rate/ Per Day

Pofound VIBRA vibration logger

$100 + GST


Discounts are available for long-term hire.



Profound VIBRA Vibration Logger